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April 1, 2016  Mergermarket Group (a company owned by Mergermarket Ltd. in London) published the story about our company.
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Our target business are mainly nanomedicines, nanotechnology-applied pharmaceutical products. The nanotechnology can be applied into nanoproducts such as nanomaterials, nanofoods, nanocosmetics and nanomedicines. The route of administration of nanoproducts is extensive and includes the route of administration as respiratory and olfactory routes, buccal route and ingestion, integumentary system, ocular route, systemic route, while the assessment in the development of nanoproducts needs unique discussion in nanoscale world. Our nanotechnology can extend to the extensive business of nanoproducts.

We published a comprehensive text for all nanoscientists that deals extensively with nanoparticles ranging organic to nondegradable organic and inorganic. This text includes discussion for the application of nanoproducts and the assessment in the human body via extensive route of admnistration.

Igarashi (2015). Nanomedicines and Nanoproducts. Applications, Disposition, and Toxicology in the Human Body. CRC Press. Taylor & Francis Group. Boca Raton. London. New York.

Recently, this text was listed as a recent and notable publication by the Journal of Controlled Release.

Journal of Controlled Release. 207 (2015) 163.