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  • MRI diagnostic agent against cancer
  The therapeutic effect against cancer that carry micrometastases is lower than the effect against cancer that lack the micrometastases. According to a study of 1589 breast cancer patients followed for period as long as 46 years after initial diagnosis and treatment, even if the size of primary cancer were less than 10 mm, these cancer tissues occurred metastases at 22% of primary cancer and the probability of metastases increased depending on the size. Thus, cancer diagnosis is key for cancer therapy. Since the diagnosis by the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) instrument is noninvasive, non-radioactive, and systemically applicable, the diagnosis is decisive against cancer. However, a contrast agent is essential for diagnosis against cancer, because the diagnosis cannot be realized by only the MRI instrument. Any traditional MRI diognositic agents do not allow us the systemic cancer diagnosis. A polymeric micellar MRI contrast agent developing by our company can be systematically diagnosed and effectively treated in suspected patients such as primary, relapsed or metastastatic cancer.

Above two Figures is just the picture from the Biology of Cancer, Robert A. Weinberg

  • Therapeutic agent for refractory and metastatic cancer
  The early detection into cancer and rapid cure is ideal, but it is often limited. Even if cancer were detected by early diagnosis, the therapy against metastatic cancer would be essential for a type of cancer that easily occurred metastasis cancer.
The therapeutic agent for refractory and metastatic cancer being developed by our company is that: the passive targeting around cancer tissue is obtained by its nano size; a type of cancer cell would express a type of receptor when cancer cells acquired the metastatic mobility; a type of primary cancer cell that easily occurred metastasis has a certain type of receptor; since a nanomedicine is a nanoparticle attached with ligands selectively interacted with these receptor, active targeting against cancer cells is added as effective function; and thus targeting therapy against both primary and metastatic cancer can be done with absolute accuracy.
   The Nanoproducts are classfied herein as nanomaterials, nanofoods, nanocosmetics, and nanomedicines. Our company has below pipeline.